How do I make an appointment?

For new patients, please call our office at 770-485-7411 to find a convenient time for your first appointment. If you are an existing patient, you may call our office or log into our secured, patient portal to request a follow up appointment. 

What can I expect on my first visit?

The first appointment takes approximately 60 minutes and will entail a comprehensive evaluation AND your first treatment. During this visit, your pelvic specialist will provide you with reference material as well as a tailor-made home program for you to follow during the week. Patients are typically seen once or twice a week and often begin to feel better within a few visits.  

Do you take insurance?

Our specialists want to provide you the highest quality of care without time restraints or treatment restrictions that are typically regulated by third party payors that have no understanding of your specific condition. Therefore, we do not take insurance. However, for your convenience, we will provide insurance codes for you to file with your insurance. We also accept FSA and HSA payments.

What are my payment options?

Due to the demands of third party payors high deductibles, WFR Pelvic Health & Wellness Specialists has provided patients with creative financial solutions that will allow them to receive the specialized treatment then need and comfortably fit it into their budgets. Please contact our staff to discuss our self-pay rates or apply for/use Care Credit with six to twelve month interest free options.

Are the treatments painful?

Generally speaking, no. Some treatments are very tolerable and easy to endure while others might feel uncomfortable and/or intense.  Pain is extremely individualized and usually based on one’s general pain tolerance, co-morbidities and tissue response. However, at Women First nearly all treatments produce long-term relief.

When should I expect results?

We expect to see improvements within the first few follow-up treatments. .

Do I need a referral?

Most patients no not need a referral to be seen.