"My problem came to my attention when I was about 13 years old and was attempting to use tampons for the first time. All of my friends were using tampons so, naturally, I wanted to join in on all the fun. My first attempt was followed by countless other unsuccessful and painful attempts at using tampons. I missed out on countless pool parties and vacations. As I grew older, I realized how my inability to use tampons could affect my future sex life and therefore, I consulted my general physician about the problem. She brushed it off, saying it would probably resolve itself. When it didn’t, I consulted a few different OB-GYN’s who, after many painful pokes and prods, suggested surgery or just waiting it out. Even my friends and family told me to just toughen up- that I was being a baby. I carried those comments around with me for several years before I found Dr. Bolden. I felt relief at my first appointment just knowing that the pain WAS NOT something I could just deal with- it would take time and professional help in treating my problem. Dr. Bolden is fantastic at what she does and made me feel 100% comfortable in her office. She took the time to really understand what I had been through and what my problems were- something no doctor had done before. After only a few appointments, I was able to wear tampons (comfortably) for the first time in my life! The appointments were painful at times, but it was completely bearable. Dr. Bolden never made me do anything I was not comfortable with or ready for. Something that had plagued me for about 9 years was resolved in the matter of a few months! Any woman suffering from pelvic pain should not hesitate to contact Dr. Bolden. If I can do it, you absolutely can too!! Thank you, Dr. Bolden, for everything!"

"My problem started with a stinging vulva irritation that I thought was a yeast infection.  It was painful to sit, wear normal fitting pants and to even walk around.  My gynecologist prescribed steroid creams which made my symptoms worse.  I saw two other gynecologists and was prescribed more steroid creams and yeast medications, after a yeast infection was detected.  None of the medications worked and I was sent to a dermatologist who prescribed even more steroid cream.  All of the medications worsened the stinging and burning.  I was even told by some of the doctors to “wait it out”, maybe it was” hormonal” and maybe I should try hormone drugs or anti-depressants to deal with it.  I was in awful pain and I became very frustrated.  I searched for answers on the internet and I found my symptoms to be similar to vulvodynia.  I found a dermatologist who knew what vulvodynia is and she referred me to Dr. Bolden.

When I met with Dr. Bolden I felt there was hope.  She was so knowledgeable about my condition and she really took the time to explain how my nerves and muscles were causing the pain.  With pelvic floor therapy, stretches and healthy lifestyle changes that I was taught, Dr. Bolden gave me my life back! Once in a while I will have a little flare up, but it goes away after an easy stretch.  Dr. Bolden is a very caring, compassionate person who is an expert in her field.  She works diligently with you to get you feeling better again.  I am so grateful to Dr. Sara Bolden and to Candice Goch, who also helped me greatly.  Thank you so much!"

"During the summer of 2004, I experienced a sudden onset of pain.  Pain that I thought surely must be a severe urinary tract infection.  Tests showed no infection present, and that was the beginning of visits to countless numbers of doctors and a 1.5 year search for the cause and relief of the pain.  Eventually I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis – but this was a diagnosis by exclusion.   I was on medication and a strict diet – and the pain eventually lessened.  After 2 years, I weaned myself of the meds, but continued to watch what I was eating. During the month of May, 2009, the same type of intense pain suddenly returned.  Again, tests showed no urinary tract infection.  I became distraught thinking about the road ahead of me.  A stroke of luck led me to Women First Rehabilitation’s website.   During my first visit, for the first time ever, I felt as if someone (Dr. Sara Bolden) was truly interested in me and what I was experiencing.  Dr. Bolden is the most sincere, compassionate, and knowledgeable person I have ever met in regards to women and women’s health.  I am 63, and can’t believe the things she taught me about my body.  I recall my first visit ending with me saying, “Hope is a wonderful thing.” That hope of living pain free and having my life back became a reality!   I no longer go for treatment, but just knowing Sara is there if I ever need her is a true blessing."

"I cannot thank Dr. Bolden with Women First Rehabilitation enough for the amazing transformation in my health and my attitude.  I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis almost 3 years ago and lived with constant pelvic floor and bladder pain. My symptoms were just barely managed by expensive medications and costly visits to the urologist. I just accepted that my life was always going to be that way. Fortunately, I found my way to Dr.Bolden's practice, and I cannot believe the difference she's made in my life.  Every step of the way, Dr. Bolden was caring, passionate, and taught me so much about my own body.  All of her advice was helpful and her insights all turned out to be correct.  After just 6 physical therapy sessions (and as long as I'm compliant with my exercises), the changes have been incredible.  I have been able to stop 3 of my medications.  I haven't had to take pain medication for an intersititial cystitis "flare" in months when it used to be several times a week.  I've been able to incorporate more foods back into my diet which before would have caused a "flare". Intercourse with my husband is no longer painful.  I feel like the old me again!"

"Just a note to express my gratitude to you for the relief of pain that I now have when my husband and I engage in intercourse. At first, I was skeptical as to how a women's health physical therapy doctor could help me with this problem. I had for many years discussed this pain with my ob/gyn and there never seemed to be lasting relief available. Thank you for taking the time to educate me on what my pelvic floor muscles were doing and how scar tissue, from three C-sections, played into my pain. I have also noticed that I am able to have a bowel movement daily which in the past was sometimes weekly. Additionally, my urinary incontinence has completely resolved. Again, I want to thank you for helping me so much!"

"Why was sex causing me pain? After a few years, it only became worse. I stopped ignoring the pain and talked with my husband. He was very supportive. I practically cried the whole day when I read “sex should never hurt." We talked with a counselor and she referred me to Dr. Bolden. Dr. Bolden has a pleasant disposition.  I felt at ease and very comfortable talking with her.  She confirmed my muscles were extremely tight and weak. She was gentle with her treatments and allowed me tell her if something hurt more than I was able to handle. The therapy exercises started out somewhat difficult, but faithfully completing the homework she gave definitely made attending therapy easier and more effective. I work during the day, so I was thankful she was open one evening a week. It was definitely worth the 4 hour round-trip drive I made once a week for treatments. I have recovered now and feel no pain with intercourse. I am grateful for Dr. Bolden and her practice. She is amazing! If she doesn’t know an answer to a question, she researches to find out. She does all she can to get to the root of the problem. I wish there were more doctors like her. I recommend her! I don’t know what I would have done without her."

On June 6, 2016, I had umbilical hernia surgery.  I was having extreme pelvic pain that didn’t quite seem normal for weeks after the surgery.  I was constantly told that it will get better as time pass. Well, I had to cope with a major physical problem, major pelvic pain and extreme pain when urinating for months thereafter. I had consulted several urologists, and they all had the same diagnosis which was chronic bladder infection and interstitial cystitis. I never got relief from my prescribed medications. I walked bent over because the pain was so severe. My pain and symptoms were so bad that it disrupted my work, social, and marriage life.

After constant praying and researching on the internet, I was led to Dr. Sara Bolden. When I met Dr. Bolden, she did an assessment on me and told me to stop the medications because I won’t need them anymore.  She advised me that I had pelvic floor muscle tightness.  She was extremely confident that my issues were going to get better and I would be walking normal again. Most importantly, she educated me as to pelvic floor issues, their causes, and treatments.

My pelvic plain significantly decreased after 4 sessions of physical therapy and doing my exercises at home.  I felt 90 percent better. I was starting to function normally in my everyday life. Dr. Bolden taught and instructed me on how to manipulate my target areas to alleviate my symptoms.

Dr. Bolden is compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking relief for pelvic pain. I am thankful and grateful for all that she has done for me!!!! 

I just want to speak on a wife’s behalf about what your therapy has done for me and my wife’s relationship.  Before the sessions,  my wife had embodied all the negative diagnoses and woeful advice all the other medical doctors had given her concerning her condition.  All the advice was “Don’t do this, don’t eat this, you will never be able to do this again.”  She was mentally and physically handicapped.  It was depressing me along with her.   She didn’t want to touch me, and cringed when I tried to touch her.

After the first session with you, she came home a new person!  She felt better, her posture was better, she was filled with the optimism that you put in her.  She talked about how you were the first to really tell her what was going on with her body, and how you could help her.  After about the third session, our physical intimacy was at the level and intensity of when we were dating, before our kids!  She had more endurance, she initiated sex, and was more physically strong with me during sex, and she was definitely more flexible and more relaxed!  I really could not believe the change I witnessed.  We ride bikes together with our kids, and also go dancing. (some of the specific things that other doctors told her she would never be able to do again).   I told her after one of our “intimate sweat sessions” that I HAD to send a testimonial to you to thank you!  Thank you for your ENCOURAGEMENT, POSITIVITY, and your understanding of how to help a woman’s body!  Thank you for helping put “newlywed intimacy” back into our marriage!  May God continue to bless you and your work.

I would never have believed that following a simple eating plan could rid my body of inflammation and pain, and as an added bonus, I lost 60 lbs. Thank you for your encouraging words and moral support. I would recommend Women First and Dr. Sara Bolden, to anyone. You don't just become a patient, you become part of a wonderful family.  Thank you!

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